Casey Merhige, Video Game Audio Designer


Casey Merhige

Casey Merhige was born to a family of musicians. As a young child, she often heard the sounds of her father playing jazz and blues on his saxophone, her brother playing drums with his rock band, and her mother and grandmother playing the piano. Fascinated by the sounds of music all around her, Casey enrolled in piano studies at the age of 5. At the same time, her passion for video games began to unfold. Casey remembers and often still listens to the first video game soundtrack that she fell in love with: Little Nemo for the NES.

At the age of 8, on a school field trip to see the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra, while her classmates struggled to keep their eyes open, she could not take hers off of the principal harpist. Obsessed with this new discovery, she promptly went home and begged her mother to buy her a harp and enroll her in lessons. Her mother, aware of the hassles of owning, caring for and learning the harp, wisely refused.

Two years of relentless begging, however, weakened Mrs. Merhige's resolve. On Casey's 10th birthday, she finally received her first harp- and, best of all, was enrolled in private studies with the musician who had first captured her imagination, Suzanne Thomas, Principal Harpist of the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra.

Knowing that video game audio was her calling, Casey struck a careful balance between playing video games, practicing her instrument and keeping up with her school work. She began writing original arrangements of her favorite video game tunes for both harp and piano. Determined to turn her passion into her life's work, she decided to enroll in the world's foremost college for preparing musicians to work as professionals: Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA.

After a highly competitive live audition, she received her letter of acceptance and her path was before her. During her time at Berklee, she studied under a stellar array of audio professionals, and played for numerous student musical groups, including the Video Game Orchestra, where a dream she never thought would come true became a reality- she played on stage with famed video game composer of the Final Fantasy series, Nobuo Uematsu. Casey was and continues to be highly in demand as a video game audio designer and harpist. She received numerous scholarships and awards and earned a position at MIT's GAMBIT Game Development Lab. Now she works as a freelance artist doing what she has always wanted to do: creating audio for video games.

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